Unit 361 News
posted: Nov 11, 2014

If you missed it in the mail, click here for a PDF.

posted: Jun 29, 2014

Forest Clark and Flo Newlin have been appointed to the ACBL Goodwill Committee.

Everybody in Denver knows both of these bridge players, but did you know that Forest assisted with the formation of the Denver unit and has served pro bono as its legal adviser for the last 38 years? And did you know that, over the last 10 years, Flo and her husband Cal have shared their winning methods with hundreds of new and aspiring bridge players around the area?

Congratulations to both!

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Welcome to the Denver Unit web site!

Message from Joan Kushner:Joan Kushner

Welcome, everyone, to, once again!

I want to thank the Board of Directors for re-electing me President. The new Board of Directors includes Margaret Devere as Vice-President, Bonnie Smith as Secretary, and Phil Debus as Treasurer. Shirley Heinsohn, Jeanne Achziger, Jim Calhoun (yes, a new Life Master – hooray!), Al Kane, and Pat Henke are the other active members. A terrific Board for an exciting 2015!

<snipped by the editor :)>

Having Nationals here in the Fall will be a constant source of exciting news. Roy Weinstein is representing us with his usual skill. Everyone is looking forward to hosting this event.


Dupli-Swiss – What Do You Think?

If you played in either of the Swiss teams games in our recent sectional (Thursday Jan 8 or Sunday Jan 11), you played a dupli-swiss event.

The ideas behind dupli-swiss are:

  • To create a fairer event because everybody plays the same boards – no more "slams in this match-up and flat boards in that one"
  • To provide hand records

As a unit, we need a little practice in this movement, and the Sunday game took a little longer. That might or might not get better as we all get more experience.

We want to know how you liked it (or didn't like it). We've gotten a few comments, but more is better. So, click here to send us an email with your input.


Correction to Flyer for Denver Regional 2015

There is an error in the flyer for the Denver Regional 2015. The Mt. Massive Charity Pairs are listed at 1:00 pm Tuesday, and they should be at 7:00 pm Tuesday.

When the error was discovered, we started hand-correcting the flyers (thanks, Joan and Jerry), but there are some flyers out there with the wrong time.

You can download a corrected flyer from our website (click here), or pick up one of the hand-corrected flyers from the local clubs.

Mea culpa – and please don't be confused, and please pass the word as you have the opportunity.


Denver Unit Directory for 2015 – Coming After All!

The ACBL has modified their requirements for unit directories, and we are able to publish a directory for 2015. It should be available at the March sectional.

Read more about the ACBL privacy policy and how it affects unit directories here.


Got a Hand?

We have recently received a few hand write-ups from Don Heitler -- hands he found interesting for one reason or another.

We will be posting them on the website, a few at a time. Here's a link to the page: Got a Hand? I put it in the Membership menu because there didn't seem to be any better location :(

And ... if you come across an interesting hand -- whether you declared or defended, made overtricks or went down in flames -- take a few minutes and write it up and send it to me.


Bridge in Schools

For the last few years, board member Jim Calhoun has been delivering the Bridge in Schools program to high school students in Lakewood. This year, a group of 14 meets at 3:00 pm every Thursday to learn and play. Rex Wood is the faculty sponsor.

Flo Newlin and Pat Henke joined the group for their January 29th meeting. Flo presented a brief lecture on Stayman, and the students bid and played some prepared hands. Coming up soon is a lecture on Jacoby transfers.

Jim is working on a program to get these students to our I/N and sectional tournaments. If you see one of them, be sure to say hello!