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Coaching Guidelines

Be patient and friendly. Remember how you may have felt when you were just starting out.

Communicate both the challenge and the enjoyment of the game. Support your player(s) in having fun.

As convenient, introduce the player(s) to your bridge contacts. Share the social part of bridge.

Ask the player(s) what his or her goals are, and orient your coaching around those goals.

Work with the player(s) based on his/her/their set of conventions and treatments. Do not overload the player with new conventions or treatments. It’s fine to suggest a couple, but not too many.

Orient your coaching toward general principles instead of specific results. Examples of principles: balancing; forcing vs. non-forcing; limited vs. unlimited; fast arrival; pushing the opponents.

Do not expect the player(s) to remember everything you discuss, or to get something right the first time. People learn by making mistakes, and learning takes time.



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