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How to manage my privacy

ACBL membership data

The ACBL's privacy policy allows you to control their use of your street address, phone number, and email address.

  • To read about their privacy policy, go to log onto the ACBL website, and select Privacy Policy in the Membership menu.
  • To set your privacy settings, log onto the ACBL website, and select Privacy Settings in the Membership menu.

Privacy and the unit membership directory

The Denver unit publishes a membership directory every year. It is a confidential directory distributed to members of Denver Unit 361. It is compiled for the use and the convenience of the membership and may not be sold or utilized for commercial purposes.

If you are currently a member of Unit 361, you can choose to have your name, address, and/or phone number omitted from the next Unit 361 directory. To do this, contact the board member who is responsible for publicity and request to have your information omitted.

If you are a new member of the ACBL, or new to Unit 361, and you want to be listed in the next directory, you must provide written permission. You will receive a permission letter in your membership packet. Fill the letter out and return it to the Membership Chair. If you do not want to be listed, no action is necessary.