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How to Register on the ACBL site


Your masterpoints over time are maintained by the American Contract Bridge League – their website is


If you go to their website, on the upper left, there is a link to My Masterpoints – from there you can create a login using your seven digit ACBL number.


Keep in mind that while tournament postings are fairly current (within a day or two of the event), many clubs post several events once at the end of the month.  Also, for seeding purposes in most stratified tournaments, you are supposed to report “Total Points” – not “Total (including Pending)”.  The ACBL does an update early each month to include pending points.


Most directors and tournament seedings are fairly forgiving if you are within a few points either way of what you report, but be careful – my partner and I once picked up a pair in a team game who reported 3400 points when they actually had 4300.  We were, of course, disqualified from the event.